Super Street Fighter 2 NES


The Street Fighter crew do combat in 8 bits



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Super Street Fighter 2 NES is a fighting game in 2-D where players control the most charismatic characters from the Street Fighter franchise, but – as its name indicates – with the aesthetic of 8-bit games.

As in all games from this saga, in Super Street Fighter 2 NES you can try your hand at story mode, where you have to confront a dozen antagonists to unlock new, hidden characters. But you can also play against another friend on the same computer.

Among the characters you can choose from, besides the classics Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Blanka or Balrog, you'll find invited stars of the likes of Akuma (Gouki), Shen Long or Sean. All come with normal and special attacks identical to those of the normal Super Street Fighter 2. That is to say, Street Fighter veterans won't have any issues with assuming the controls here.

Super Street Fighter 2 NES is an outstanding fighting game that, despite its old-school (albeit intentionally so) graphics, turns out to be tremendously fun to play.
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